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Social Skills

I think most of the research into social skills is screwy. The reason? It all assumes you’re interacting with a neurotypical (NT) person. Therefore, ‘good social skills’ refers to good understanding of NTs, while ‘poor social skills’ refers to poor understanding of NTs. Imagine if we defined ‘good language skills’ as ‘speaking English well’. A […]

Despicable: Joe Scarborough’s Words on Autism and Mass Murder

We in the disability community knew it was coming. We’d known it for days. After a young man in Aurora, Colorado took the lives of 12 people, wounded 58, and left nothing but grief and misery behind him, we knew they’d start rounding up the usual suspects. They always do. And they did — on […]

Emotional Reciprocity

This last weekend has been a really tough one for our family. We had to have our dog of nearly twelve years, Panda, put down last Saturday. To make matters worse, nobody was expecting it. One day, she was “chirpy” and seemed to be in perfectly good health, and the next she was gone. She […]

Introversion and Autism

Here’s an e-mail I sent to the author of a book I read: In your book The Hidden Gifts of the Introverted Child, you describe autistic people (I use that term broadly, including Asperger’s Syndrome and PDD-NOS) in a way that is, in my opinion, damaging and discriminatory. I am autistic. I am also introverted. […]

The Other Side of Empathy

Disclaimer: The stance I’ve taken in this post is a bit strong, so I just want to make the point that I’m not blaming either party in a relationship; I’m simply presenting a one-sided argument to counter the many already strong and equally one-sided opposing arguments out there. It’s a pretty common thing, particularly on […]

The Yogurt Incident

Sleeplessness Recently, two consecutive nights of sleep vanished into the maw of an autistic child’s dreams. The first evening, nightmares obliged me to haul my massive pillow collection to my son’s room for an all-nighter. I tried to rest as he whimpered and wiggled.  His dozing body sought me out, burrowing into my back and […]

Letting Go of Pain from the Past with Compassion

The other day, I ran across this this article about dysfunctional families.  It took me aback a little bit.  I’ve held the words in my mind, processing it for days now.  This is how my mind works.  I mull things over, adding bits and pieces of information and understanding, until I build a better understanding of […]

Windows #370

For perhaps the eighth or tenth time in the year it’s been since I moved here, I shall sleep in my bed.  I am desperately in love with my couch, but it’s kind of broken (Mom says it’s “sacked out,” whatever that means), and some nerve in my back was shouting at me.  So, to […]


If I knew what to say, I’d tell you a million little things that I’ve acquired in my brain over the weeks and months and lifetime. If I could, I’d tell you that I’m so over age appropriateness.  You say Disney and American Girl isn’t age appropriate for me?  Well, excuse my language, but I […]

Twitter Vacation

I am taking a break from twitter. Sometimes, the conversations there are not entirely good for me. I become overwhelmed by various forms of negativity. The negative harms me; it causes me exasperation and pain. Yesterday I turned off twitter and left the house for a long walk to burn some very much unneeded mental […]